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Cameras for sale.

it is time for me to find my film cameras new homes. perhaps i will someday replace them with more film cameras, perhaps i will wisen up and replace them with a good digital rig. but for now, it’s time to let them go. the following cameras are all in decent working order with some level of cosmetic damage in some cases. contact me for more information.

canonet ql17
pentax me super/17mm f3.5 (tamaron)
pentax sp1000/50mm f2 (??)
konica fp-1/40mm f1.8, 50mm f1.7 28mm f3.5 (hexar)
nikon n70/50mm f1.8
polaroid spectra
polaroid spectra 1200f
white polaroid pronto
polaroid land 230
polaroid propack w. flash
polaroid sx-70
kodak pony II
seagull 4b
mamiya rb67, 2x120 backs, pola back, 90mm, 127mm & 180mm lenses, waist level & prism viewfinders

all cameras will come with 1-2 rolls of film as well. i also have a stash of expired various polacolor pack film for sale as well.

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finally spiffed up & finished my inspiration blog. i try to keep dustbowlugly a 100% original content blog, but there are so many amazing photographs on tumblr (buried under all those gifs of girls with foxtail buttplugs. what is the deal with that? do dudes wanna fuck foxes now?) that i needed a place to collect them. 

i’d also love suggestions for more photographer blogs to follow?

first fishing, april 2014
kodak pony/kodak gold 400

the zoo, march 2014canonet/kodak gold

the zoo, march 2014
canonet/kodak gold

pony test, april 2014
kodak pony II/kodak gold 400

i pulled my kodak pony off the shelf in a fit of boredom the other day.. i’ve only ran 2 rolls through it before, and i forgot how unsteady my hand is with a 1/60(ish? maybe?) shutter. it is a dreamy little piece of bakelite, though. i need more sunny days.

st patrick’s day, march 2014
canonet/kodak gold

again, i know i know..

self portrait blog

"my main blog has shifted more towards a public diary, a photostrip of my city, a very staged adaptation of my life, the one that is shared on film blogs, forums, collectives. my audience has definitely grown ever since reaching out to the film community. but i’ve felt myself shying away from my self portraits. they’re not always things i want to show everyone. so, this will be my space. i will try to make something of it..”

if you would like the password to my new personal blog (quick sorry to everyone who already followed it, i thoughtlessly deleted it after a few glasses of wine last week. things i lost are oddly missed in that stupid digital way, but this will be a nice clean slate), just shoot me an ask

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coffee on monday


i am way behind on editing, shooting, everything. i’ve kinda thrown myself into work lately. it’s exhausting, i’m challenged every day, but it is the most satisfying thing. i’ll be back later.

(featuring work wifey L.!)


more this, less rain :(

words to live by 👽

let’s weekend 👍

selfies, february 2014
quicksnap disposable underwater camera

mother/daughter, february 2014
quicksnap underwater disposable camera